bittersweet (7_vanillainblue) wrote,

about me

somethings about me:
music: taking back sunday, the faint, straylight run,the all american rejects, the used, the killers, oasis, placebo, scarling, muse, panic! at the disco, fiona apple, snow patrol, coldplay, garbage, the cure, panda, vanessa carlton, Hawthorne Heights, HIM, insite, pretty girls make graves, googoodolls, garbage, sussie 4, ZOE, jimmy eat world, boyslikegirls, dashboard confessional, Coheed And Cambria, amber pacific, AFI, butch walker, john mayer, eisley, enation, fall out boy, gwen stefani, good charlotte, hole, jamisonparker, katy rose, madonaa, michelle branch, primal scream, no doubt, RHCP, scissor sisters, robbie williams, snow patrol,  the strokes, belanova, courtney love, the sounds, the ataris, the starting line, the ramones, the subways, the beatles, aerosmith..../

  billyELLIOT, american beauty!!, devil's wears prada, elephant, the virgin suicides, thirteen, mean girls, reddragon, a murder of crows, almost famous, freaky friday, tart, bully, alice in wonderland, a nightmare before xmas, hercules(disneey :) ), napoleon dynamite, she's the man, scarface, a clockwork orange, little princess, harry potter, the lord of the rings, the life of david gale, spider, murder by numbers, the notebook, american history x, lorenzo's oil, pirates of the caribbean, edward scissor's hands, scent of a woman,  blow, requiem for a dream, girl interrupted, from hell, manic, charlie and the chocolate factory, fight club, dirty dancing, jawbreaker....and many more.

TV: gimore girls, the OC, american next top model, veronica mars, the agency, prision break, nip/tuck

fav. actor: johnny Depp
fav. actress: i don't really have one..maybee..zooey deschanel,natalie portman,
fav. models: kate moss, irina lazareanu, jessica stam, coco rocha
fav male models: jarrod branch, jonathan kroppmann
fav. designers: karl lagerfeld, john galliano, zack posen
fav. color: blue
fav. flavour: vanilla
fav. hobbie: ballet and be with friends and family
i love: my family and my friends
i hate: lies, ignorance, and when people is stupid
fav song: iris
fav place: beach 
fav concert: AAR in SD
fav food: friuts
i would like to go to: england, new york
i'm going to be a: maybe an engineer 
fav drink: coffee
most important thing: be yourself
 languages: spanish, english, a little bit of french
fav. magazine: vogue
fav. paintor: andy warhol, monet, vincent van gogh, my mom 
fav. autor: oscar wilde

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